Sunday, 28 October 2007

In which I take a stand on foreign trade

There are many good things to be said about immigration and the positive effect of imports of both human and industrial capital on the British economy. But we must draw the line when someone, almost certainly Rupert Murdoch, attempts to introduce the barbaric practices of other lands upon this green and pleasant isle.

Yes, I am talking about the insidious temptation of American football, epitomized today by the first ever normal season NFL game to be played on English soil (and no run-of-the-mill soil, either, but the newly hallowed ground of New Wembley Stadium), covered live in full on Sky Sports, and in pseudo-canonical Match of the Day highlight form by BBC 2.

Murdoch, clearly sensing that the American economy is on the downturn, must be desperately seeking new markets to keep his 16-Sunday revenue stream alive. Newspaper articles have been planted, sowing the seeds of the International Question -- would it work for an NFL franchise to operate out of the U.K. (never mind the N standing for National)? And strangely, far from being scoffed at, the answer has been a polite maybe, as if the time zones were getting shorter all the time (placing the game on the first day after the Daylight Savings change is a good start, but it's hard to see where to go from there). Then again, the British are rather fond of polite, and extremely fond of maybe, particularly when it comes to appeasing foreign dictatorships.

Meanwhile, the British public, many of whom consider American football to be a wimp's version of rugby (why else would you need that much padding?) may take more convincing. The top sports here are, of course, soccer, cricket and rugby. None of this funny stuff they dreamt up in the Colonies.

Anyway, I encourage you all to write your M.P. (and/or P.M.) to protest this incursion of foreign goods, for the sake of mighty Britannia. We must fight the spread of this evil before it is too late.


At 30 October 2007 04:25 , Blogger Paige said...

Hey, so totally unrelated, but are you planning to come Stateside anytime before Christmas? My dad was wondering if you'd be able to buy some stuff for us from London and then mail it when you get to the U.S....?


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