Tuesday, 16 October 2007

What I learned from my email today

I'm starting to see the overall narrative of my spam box. You just have to sequence it correctly:

1. If I have a phone, there's no reason I can't quit my job.
2. Given a phone, there are many nice girls waiting to talk to me.
3. For example, Clarissa is bored. She is cute girl in Russia waiting for my call.
4. I can —— her with driving force if I enlarge my ——.
5. In fact, she might stay with me if my —— gets bigger.
6. Apropos of that, I can buy Viagra for as low as $1.53.
7. Poor credit is not a problem!
8. In order to transfer out 15000000.00 (fifteen millions pounds sterling), I should provide my bank details. (Think of all the Viagra that would buy!)
9. And if that doesn't work, there's a revolutionary new system for selling used cars.


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