Friday, 7 March 2008

Bottom of the week

...And here I am on the other side. Hey, other side. Howyadoin.

Here are some facts about my last five days:

1. I had to go to Slough. You know, where they filmed "The Office". Yeah, that Slough.
2. I consumed about 7 units of alcohol, by the British system.
3. I took a bath with these lavender bath salts, and ended up with lavender bits floating all around me. So then I had to take a shower.
4. I had a somewhat disturbing dream about playing footsie with Lily Allen. On an airplane.
5. I procrastinated a great many things.
6. I watched the entire series of "Trunk Monkey" videos on YouTube.
7. My 'e' key continued to malfunction, makinge me writee like a poete of olde.

With these fantastic tales, I hope I have continued to hold you, dear reader, in thrall. I am, after all, all about the thrall.


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