Monday, 3 March 2008

Top of the week

I've just about managed to relax this weekend, and it's midnight Sunday night. I've been in that sort of cycle of normalcy lately -- not overworked, per se, but encompassed in that strangest of modern preoccupations, being a professional. I don't feel dulled by the grind, but you wouldn't know that from my lack of posts here. I remain an interested observer, but somehow it's been difficult to work up a head of steam on any particular topic lately.

This week should be an interesting one, professionally speaking; my employer is expected to announce the first round of major layoffs after we were acquired in late December. My own position is likely safe, but these things are never much fun for anyone involved, even in the foreign outposts.

If you're interested in more bitty updates from me, look me up on Facebook, where I've been pointing and/or clicking lately. It's a good replacement for actually having to express myself, at least while the muse is inconsistent in her visitations.

Today is also our three-year anniversary of moving to London. Slightly related, I'm on the bureaucratic path to changing my visa status (which I could have done a long time ago, but procrastinated heavily upon), so I'm not here merely on the good grace and say-so of the company.


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