Sunday, 29 June 2008

Baltimore (the highlights and lowlights)

(you decide which is which)

1. Seeing Sweet Baby (Jesus optional) perform their first live show in, oh, about 20 years.
2. Only getting solicited by the male prostitutes.
3. The cab driver who told me it would be $47 to the airport, and who, after a cough from yours truly, lowered the price to $37, and two coughs, $30. (I tipped him OK though because he smiled when I called him on it.)
4. 100% humidity and far more sweat than any of my associates really deserved to have near/on them.
5. Popping Tylenol Cold and Flu all night long. Daaaaaaamn.
6. The Queers, or Cub, or MTX, or Screeching Weasel, or possibly the Ramones, whatever they're playing.
7. Staying on my feet for the whole thing.
8. The grave of Edgar Allan Poe. And waking up in time to see the grave of Edgar Allan Poe.
9. Strangely, sitting at a sports bar and correcting the Americans' pronunciation of "Miroslav Klose". (Close, but you should be close-a.)
10. Um, Zatopeks rule, OK?


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