Monday, 7 July 2008

Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and Napoleon walk into a bar

(The bar says "ow", Dylan say "what", Napoleon says you can do what you want, but the next time you see me comin' you better run, or you might end up with a quite complex complex. Paul Simon says, able was I, ere I saw Elba, and whatcha doin' dragging Tom Lehrer into it anyway.)

The weird part is that Paul Simon has a brother who looks almost exactly like him. He came to our offices once when I was working for the McDonald's of the Web, frying up community sites, pre-2.0 style. He was pitching some sort of music label outreach site that seemed to have little to recommend it over the other thousand music label outreach sites that came and went in the late '90s. But the most amusing part was that every time he tried to come up with an example he would invariably pick something Paul Simon-related. The first time he did this I thought it was an ironic affectation, as he would even pause as if deep in thought, trying to come up with a musical example. "Let's say you wanted to find out more about an album," (strokes chin thoughtfully), "call it Graceland. You'd click on..." and so forth. By the end of the session the joke (if it was one -- I wasn't quite sure) had gotten pretty old. "Imagine you've got a track that plays here, call it, let's see, The Sound of Silence". "What you'd want to do here is show related artists, like, um, if you had Paul Simon, you'd show Simon & Garfunkel." He did seem to know a lot about Paul Simon, in a creepy, doppelganger kind of way. I considered asking him if he would fake Paul's autograph for me. In the end, I was sort of glad we didn't get the project.


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