Tuesday, 9 October 2007

scooters, vacation, fall

That's the example blogger gives for Labels for this post. So in the spirit of life imitating art, or something like that, here's a post about scooters, vacation and fall.

Scooters. Ever since I first saw "Quadrophenia", I've wanted a scooter. I even went so far as to get a promissory scooter as a Christmas gift, but obtaining a satisfactory example of the real thing proved difficult in Los Angeles (not impossible -- there are established Vespa communities and similar -- but over my threshold of involvement). Now that I'm in London the availability of your standard '60s-era GS is much improved, but I don't really have a scooter-friendly commute. I'll keep holding out for the company to move to a proper location. It doesn't help that a neighbour has recently acquired a gorgeous green scooter (with tan leather seat) that's parked right where I have to walk past it every day. The nerve.

Vacation. We finally had a real vacation, just the two of us. What fantastic, tropical, romantic setting did we pick? If you said Belgium, you're right, and possibly as crazy as us. Actually, we
had a blast, holing up in a great room in a manor house in the Mosan Valley, eating loads of steak and chocolate waffles (not necessarily at the same time, but how bad could that be, really?) washed down by national ales, checking out medieval treasures in Aachen (highly recommended), Liege (not) and Brussels, and even doing some right-side-of-the-road driving for a change (despite our proficiency in this regard, we still accidentally managed to end up in three sovereign states within the space of 45 minutes). And the sun even came out for the last hour or two. Perfect!

Fall. I wonder if the Google/Blogger folks realise that "fall" doesn't have the same meaning to their British users? The British are more likely, I suspect, to associate it with falling down (someone said something about a bridge around here?), having a fall (whether or not from grace), or one's downfall, none of which is probably typical blog material. Not, I suppose, that an Autumn Almanac (possibly my favourite Kinks song, by the by) is top of the list for most bloggeristas. But anyway, speaking of fall, i.e. autumn, it's certainly here now. Days: getting shorter. Nights: getting longer. Rain: getting heavier. I was a little worried that England, having decided to have its summer in Spring (and rain for most of the Summer), would go ahead and just skip on through to Winter without much warning, but this seems pretty typical, all told. I suppose I just haven't lived here long enough to become enured to it, but I still appreciate the fact that there are seasons here, albeit out of order sometimes. I'll actually need to start wearing scarves again soon now, and long-time readers will know how exciting that prospect is for me (I'm really not kidding, little bestirs my heart more than the whole scarf-clad nation on a chill and windy eve).

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