Sunday, 10 August 2008

Oedipus Vaudeville

I got this in email the other day. It's kind of awesome, in a found poetry sort of way. If nothing else, "Oedipus Vaudeville" would make a great band name.

Subject: oedipus vaudeville dishwasher bob tact
Osvaldo Chaney

cap burnout vaccinate? emit, antelope emit.

bob roast momentary captaincy afloat bob, occasion
suggestive friedman dishwasher plan denny.

crosshatch redpoll est

paragonite vaccinate plan? hearken, elicit vaccinate.
edith momentary emit plan depreciable riggs, decreeing
est difluoride denny riggs desire.

terrapin redpoll edith

elicit daredevil suggestive? plan, denny burnout.

friedman riggs.

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