Monday, 21 January 2008

Get a little resolve

Early on in our marriage, a feline member of the household had just deposited its stomach contents on our nice new carpet, and I was walking around a bit dumbfounded as to how to clean it up.

"Sarah," I shouted across the hall, "the cat's puked on the carpet."

"Well," she replied, "just get a little resolve, why don't you?"

Hurt, I shouted back a gruff "Fine!" and prepared to sulk. Geez, I muttered to myself, if I wanted that kind of abuse... As I proceeded down this line of self-pitying inquiry, she went on:

"It's in the laundry cabinet, I think."

She meant this, of course:

Resolve brand carpet cleaner

To this day I can't use the word resolve in conversation without remembering my needlessly wounded pride.

That's a roundabout, anecdotal way of coming to my (short) list of New Year's Resolutions. I'm not usually too strict about these things (nor, as you can tell, punctual about recording them) but you know, it might, like, make me a better person and all that. So here's my triple-action Resolve spray for 2008:

1. Less whinging. Man, I'm sick of hearing me complaining — I can only think what you must be thinking. I mean, it's well and good to discuss the difficulties one faces in this modern world, but I resolve to do so a bit more constructively.

2. Get out more. Socially, I mean. I'm not a natural social butterfly; not even really a moth. I tend to fly away from, not toward, the bright lights. So I resolve to spend time with someone I call a friend at least once every week, if possible, even if it's just to get a couple of pints down the pub. In fact, especially if it's to get a couple of pints down the pub. So far so good.

3. Don't waste a chance to just be kind. No, I'm not moving to Darfur to tend orphans any time soon (not that there's anything wrong with that). I mean simpler things, like helping someone get their luggage down the stairs, even if I've had a long day. The opportunity may not come up every day, but when it does, I'd like to take it. I think I'll know when I have.

That all seems pretty doable. I can think of quite a few more, but on the advice of the Tesco pamphlet I found inserted in a recent purchase, I think I'll keep focused on that for now. And maybe I'll get a little resolve while I'm at it.

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